Real Data, Every Hour.

Dr. Landon Bunderson

PHD, Pollination Ecology

Pollen Wise is the only app that gives you real hourly pollen counts. Hourly pollen counts allow you to know what’s in the air right now. They also allow you to plan your outdoor activities around low pollen levels.

Where do the hourly counts come from? Pollen Wise is fed by a network of automated sensors. The sensors use artificial intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning (ML) to do their job. This is the same type of technology employed when you ask Google for directions or Facebook finds faces in the photograph you’ve uploaded. Virtually all of the pollen counts that don’t come from Pollen Wise are manually counted by a few sparsely distributed counting stations.

Pollen Wise uses nearly 1,000,000 images to train the AI/ML to identify pollen, mold and dust. This means that human counters can be replaced with computers.