Allergy Butler Makes Allergy Shots Easier & Better

Dr. Landon Bunderson

PHD, Pollination Ecology

Allergy Butler is an in-home allergy testing and immunotherapy clinic that uses the latest technology to permanently relieve your allergy symptoms without ever having to go to a doctor’s office.  The Allergy Butler system is more accurate, safer, easier, and cheaper than what is available in Idaho today.  

The in-home patient experience with Allergy Butler is a game changer.  Pete in Boise just had an allergy test done and left this review:

I can hardly believe how easy this was. I especially love that I didn't have to sit in some doctor's office lobby waiting to be seen for 45 minutes. Josh, Pharm.D., arrived 5 minutes early at a venue I specified. He performed an allergy test and consultation quickly and professionally. I hope more of the medical industry gravitates toward this method. Why go to a doctor's office when the doctor will come to you? ~Pete, Boise, ID

We are happy to announce that Allergy Butler just signed an agreement with Pollen Sense to start counting pollen and reporting it every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Allergy Butler uses this data to know what exactly to test and treat as many allergens can travel across state lines. The Treasure Valley now has America’s latest technology and systems in pollen counting and allergy treatments. You no longer have to sufferwith seasonal allergies again!

PollenWise, the mobile app that reveals the most relevant pollen counts available, can be downloaded today from Apple's App Store and Google Play store.

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